Second Generation – Design Case Study

Second Generation, owner of the .Jobs TLD hired me to design the brand and UI for their HR technology startup project. When considering our competitors, I chose a visual approach with clean lines and simple shapes with the intention of evoking youth, energy and vigor.

There are some challenges to consider when designing for a SaaS company. Without a concrete, tangible product, it was my responsibility to illustrate how the software worked. Using saturated blues intermittently offset with contrasting colors, I created a collection of playful illustrations to accompany sales copy.
Key floating over binary code
Open file cabinet with resumes and CVs popping out
I built their B2B sales funnel website in WordPress. Using metrics from Hotjar, I learned about how our customers were navigating the site, and was able to optimize our sales funnel.

I observed that customers were particularly interested in how our product optimized job posts for detection by Google for Jobs. Subsequently, I wrote copy and created image assets explaining and emphasizing this product feature.

Designed to be tablet and mobile friendly, the .Jobs B2B site made the sales funnel easier to access than ever. The outcome was a measurable increase in user growth and conversion month-over-month. 

We identified our target audience as HR professionals who may not have highly technical backgrounds. I minimized alienating jargon in favor of an approach that emphasized ease of implementation and use.